TOMAS ROUSSEAUX(non-registered)
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Michael Hattori(non-registered)
Hello Dave - your photography is outstanding. It is clear you have a connection with nature, and it is beautifully conveyed in your photographs. I initially was drawn to your website as I have cousin named David Hattori, but he is based in Hawaii. Always nice to connect with another Hattori, as well.
My photography is primarily travel-based; I'm based in California.
Steve Shafer(non-registered)
At last, I got to your web site. I knew that you were a good photographer. Great images in the galleries. But, I am not seeing your animal art background pieces. I really like those too. Cheers my friend.
David Hall(non-registered)
I very much enjoyed looking at all your photographs. Having many similar shots it was very interesting to see your take and approach on the creativity.

I especially liked the "artsy" images.

Very much looking forward to your presentation to the Granpaparazzi Camera Club.
Steve Jahn(non-registered)
Very nice Dave. I enjoyed the pics and the accompanying music track.
Steve Felton(non-registered)
Brother Hattori, where is the pic of the top of the Lighthouse? Price to purchase? Also sunset with water surrounding.
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